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What am I and who am I riddles are a fun way to entertain yourself while exercising your mind with these brain teasers. he fun thing about what am I riddles ad puzzles, is it makes you think and have fun trying to guess it.

Most what am I games are also funny and humorous, some of them are even hilarious. Because the riddle answer may be something that you least expected.

Some of these riddles are about logic, math, or words. You can choose the type you like the most.

Here are more of the best funny who am I riddles and humorous puzzles and brain teasers for you to enjoy...

  Which English Word?
  It Is Hardest to Carry
  Almost Alive
  Longest English Word?
  How to Fill the Room?
  Murder Suspects - Which One?
  No Legs to Dance
  Just One Color But NOT One Size

  Free Funny Random Riddles
  Red and Orange - What Am I?
  I Sizzle Like Bacon
  Both Big and Small - What Am I?
  Which Day Is It?
  How a Woman Shoots Her Husband
  Two Grandmothers
  Days of the Week

Top 3 Ideas to Use What Am I Riddles

So how can you use free funny puzzles and riddles? You'll be surprised how many ideas you can come up with to enjoy these mind games. Here are some quick and easy ideas to help you get started.

Riddle Idea #1: Read and Laugh in Your Free Time

Having a boring day at work? Or maybe you are tired of working too much today. How about a funny riddle or a brain teaser to make you forget everything else and laugh and have fun for a while?

Simply check out the many awesome riddles on this site for free and enjoy your time - whether you are in the office, at home, or school.

Riddle Idea #2: Share with Your Friends

Laughing together is always more fun than laughing alone. So why not share these humorous tricky riddles with your friends to enjoy them more together.

Riddle Idea #3: Play Puzzles in a Party to Have Fun

Sometimes the best way to add more fun and excitement to a party is throwing in some funny puzzles and mind games. Soon people will be competing together to see who can guess the correct answer faster and win.

You'll have a blast! So simply choose some of your favorite riddles here and share them in the party you're going to attend, and everyone will be impressed by your awesome idea.

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Enjoyed the funny riddles and free puzzles above? Then you can find and download more free funny tricky riddles below. Simply choose the topic you are most interested in, and you will find a list of top riddles about it.

Also feel free to send these free riddles to your friends. They will have a great time playing these puzzles and mind games and will thank you.





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