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Looking for free funny kids riddles and children riddles? It is proven that puzzles and riddles help your kids become more intelligent and learn faster later in their life.

Children whose parents played mind games and riddles with when they were young, are proven to be the smartest ones in their class and career in the future. That's why kids riddles and puzzles are so popular these days in schools and kindergartens.

You can choose from different types of puzzles for your child - from funny kids riddles, to hard games and puzzles, logic riddles, and much more. It all depends on what you want your kids to learn more.

So how are kids riddles different from adult riddles? Simply they are easier and more funny to keep children entertained while thinking and trying to solve them. That's the secret that makes them effective and popular for kids.

You know find many top children riddles and mind games here on this page. You can easily download them for free and start playing them with your kids. They will enjoy thinking and playing them while growing smarter every day.

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  Free Funny Random Riddles
  Can't Bury in USA
  Which English Word?
  It Is Hardest to Carry
  Romeo and Juliet - How Is It Possible?
  The Fox, the Goose, and the Corn
  Just One Color But NOT One Size
  Longest English Word?

  How a Woman Shoots Her Husband
  Boy and the Carnival
  Beethoven's Riddle
  Murder Suspects - Which One?
  Almost Alive
  Center of Gravity
  No Legs to Dance
  Which Day Is It?
  Sometimes Green, Sometimes Brown

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Enjoyed the funny riddles and free puzzles above? Then you can find and download more free funny tricky riddles below. Simply choose the topic you are most interested in, and you will find a list of top riddles about it.

Also feel free to send these free riddles to your friends. They will have a great time playing these puzzles and mind games and will thank you.

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